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Measurement Capability

Parameter / Test Range / Accuracy / Specifications
Conducted Emission Freq. range :- 9 kHz to 30MHz
Radiated Emission Freq. range : 30 MHz to 1 GHz
Magnetic Fields Emission Freq. range :- 9 kHz to 30MHz
Harmonic & Flicker Emission Upto 40th Harmonic Single Phase
Electrostatic Discharge 16.5 kV Air, 8kV contact
Electrical Fast Transient / Burst (EFT/B) Upto 4kV and 5/100kHz (Mains and I/O)
Surge (Combination Wave) Upto 4kV (Mains and I/O)
Radiated Immunity 80 MHz to 3GHz (Upto 20V/m)
Conducted RF Immunity 150kHz-230MHz (Upto 10 V)
Voltage Dips & Interruption AC AND DC Lines
Power Freq. Magnetic Fields 100 amp (1 min), 1000 amp (5 s)
1MHz Damped Oscillatory Surge Freq : 100 kHz and 1 MHz,
(High Freq. Disturbance) Amplitude : 0.25To 3.3kV
Ring Wave Surge Amplitude : 0.2 To 7.8kV

List of Major Facility

Facility / Equipment / Tools Make and Model
EMI Receiver (For Emission Measurements) and LISN SCR3501, Schaffner
Triple Loop Antenna (H-field as per CISPR15) Rohde & Schwarz, HM 020
Harmonic & Flicker Analyser  DPA 500, EM-Test
Electrostatic Discharge Simulator PESD 1610, Haefely
Conducted Immunity (EFT, Surge and Dips) E-Compact, Haefely
1MHz Damped and Ring Wave Surge Generator P-Surge 8000, Haefely
Radiated Immunity GTEM Cell, EMCO-ETS Lindgren
Conducted RF Immunity PMM/3000, PMM
Power Frequency Magnetic Fields PMM/ 1008, PMM, Italy

Major Products Tested / Project Done

Major Products Tested / Projects Done

I.T products, Medical electrical equipment (ECG, Cautery, lithotripsy), Household appliances. Industrial machinery (CNC. Lathes, EDM, assembly robots), Pharmaceutical Equipment, SMPS and Inverters, UPS etc.