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Website Quality Certification

Websites and portals have emerged as the front end for Government initiatives and companies to deliver a wide variety of information and services to its customers and citizens. Customers and citizens have high expectations regarding security, privacy of personal data and accuracy of information. It is therefore vital to ensure that the management of your website is carried out in a planned and professional manner, ensuring effective communication and delivery of services.

STQC has developed a Website Quality Certification Scheme based upon National and International Standards/Best practices. The certification in scheme aims to help in hardening of websites from wide range of Security threats, increasing accessibility, assuring commitment to services and ensuring compliance to the requirements of Guidelines for Indian Government Websites (GIGW - 2018) developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) and adopted by Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), Government of India.

The award of the mark "Certified Quality Website (CQW)" is a recognition that the website complies with the requirements of  GIGW and the organization has adequate procedures and processes in place to provide reliable and dependable information and service through their website.

Benefits of Certification

Website owners

Website Quality Certification

A recognition that the organisation has adequate procedures and processes in place to provide reliable and dependable information and services through its website. Will help in ...

  • Hardening of website from wide range of security threats
  • Increasing accessibility and usability
  • Reducing legal liabilities
  • Assuring commitment to services
  • Benchmarking as per International Standards

Why to Choose STQC?

STQC is an independent testing and certification organization of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India.

STQC has vast experience in operating third party certification schemes with international recognitions.  STQC offer services in a very cost effective, competent and credible manner with customer care as the focus.

Certification Process

Website Certification Process :

Step 1: The customer applies to respective STQC IT centre with the consent of STQC Website Certification Cell for certification by submitting duly filled in application form along with website quality manual and charges.

Step 2: The assessor reviews the website quality manual for adequacy as per quality criteria and provides the feedback to customer.

Step 3: The assessment team evaluates the website using test tools. Also, assessment of back end processes of the organization is carried out for compliance with scheme requirements.

Step 4: After the satisfactory assessment results, STQC issues the Certificate of Registration and Certification Mark. The certificate shall remain valid for three years with annual surveillance.

Charges / Fee :

Charges shall be sought from STQC IT Laboratory assigned for the testing and All charges needs to be deposited, in advance through Bharatkosh Portal ( to STQC IT Lab/centre, assigned to carry the website testing job. These charges however does not include charges for Security Audit testing. You may avail the services of any one of the empanelled vendors of CERT-IN or NIC or any one of the STQC IT Labs for website security testing and provide a copy of this certificate at the time of submitting the application. 


Imp Notice - Transition plan for Website Quality Certification as per GIGW 3.0  34.23 KBapplication/pdf icon

Certified Quality Website Brochure 619.92 KBapplication/pdf icon

Guidelines for Indian Govt Websites - GIGW2018_Released version 2.51 MBapplication/pdf icon

WQCS-A1 New Application Form 86.34 KBapplication/pdf icon

WQCS-A2 Certification Agreement 127.12 KBapplication/pdf icon

Website Quality Manual for Govt Websites - Exercise Book 349.82 KBapplication/pdf icon

Procedure for use of Services_Certification by ITTLs_Nov., 2018 201.8 KBapplication/pdf icon

Vol. VI(D)-Procedure for Website Quality Certification of e-Voting websites 148.78 KBapplication/pdf icon

Certified CQW Clients list application/pdf icon

Master List of Certified Websites application/pdf icon


Documents for GIGW 3.0 

New Application Form for GIGW 3.0

Certification Agreement GIGW 3.0

Rules & Procedures GIGW 3.0

Exercise Book - Website Quality Manual for Websites GIGW 3.0

Application for Registration of Cert-In empanelled Agencies

Plug-in: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader application/pdf

Contact Us

Name and Designation Address Phone/Email/Fax
Suresh Chandra, Scientist G    

STQC Directorate Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Electronics Niketan, III Floor, 6, CGO Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi - 110 003

Phone: 011 - 24301382
Email: suresh AT
Fax: 011-24363083
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