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Software Testing and Assessment

System & Software Quality Engineering (SSQE) Services:

STQC IT offers following Independent Verification & Validation services for IT systems & software:

  • Reviews
  • Software Application Testing & Evaluation
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Measurement
  • Audits
  • Support Services


1. Review of System & Software Documentation:

  • Requirements Documentation (System Study Report, Gap Analysis Report, SRS, etc.)
  • Design & Development Documentation (High Level (Architecture) Design Document, Low Level (Detailed) Design Document), etc.)
  • User Documentation (Installation Guide, User Manual, System Manual, etc.)
2. Review of System & Software Artifacts/ Work Products:
  • Solution Architecture Review
  • Code Review/ Static Analysis (Only Limited)

Software Application Testing & Evaluation:

1. Software Functional Testing & Evaluation:

The software application is tested against functional requirements & quantitative evaluated for functionality characteristic.

2. Software Non-Functional Testing & Evaluation:

The software application is tested for Usability, Efficiency, Reliability, Security, Maintainability, Portability & Documentation requirements and quantitative evaluated of non-functional characteristics.

Testing & evaluation of software application for integration, interoperability, scalability, load, volume, configuration, compatibility etc. is also undertaken.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Measurement:

SLA measurements are carried out on the deployed/ production IT system delivering services to verify that the system is adhering to the agreed upon Service related (i.e., User Centric) as well as System related (i.e., Technology Centric) service quality requirements such as availability, performance, problem resolution, etc. While service related SLAs take care of the services delivery issues, the system related SLAs address IT technology (hardware, software and network) used in delivering the services.