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EMI/EMC Testing

Overview :


Increased pollution in the form of EMI/RFI and other spurious signals created in some part by some of sophisticated Equipment/Component and radiated by interconnecting cables may create malfunction in TV, Radio, Computers, Airways Communications, Medical Equipment etc. Testing of the products for the EMI regulations is necessary in most of the countries.

All the products need to be constructed so that it does not cause interference and in particular, does not interfere with radio and telecommunication equipments further, equipment must have an intrinsic immunity level to electromagnetic disturbances, which will enable it to operate as intended.

Capability of an individual product to meet the EMC requirements can be verified by testing the product against laid out standards at our Laboratories.

Products Covered: Industrial, Scientific, Medical, Automotives, Broadcast receivers, Household Appliances/Tools, Fluorescent Lights/Luminaries, Measuring Apparatus, Information Technology Equipment etc.

Recognitions and Accreditation:

The state of the art EMI/EMC test facilities are accredited and recognized by NABL, FCC, UL, SASO (Saudi Arabia Standards Origination).

TEC (Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard for Telecommunication Equipment)

Services Offered:

  • Emission (CE/RE)
  • Immunity (CI/RI)
  • Development assistance
EMI/EMC Testing facilities available at following centres:
ERTL(North) Delhi
ETDC Hyderabad
ETDC Bengaluru
ETDC Chennai
ETDC Mumbai
ERTL(East) Kolkata