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ERTL(North) Delhi

ERTL(North) Delhi

ERTL(North) Delhi

Measurement Capability

Parameter / Test Range / Accuracy / Specifications
Discrete Semiconductors MIL, JSS, IEC,IS, Customer Specifications

List of Major Facility

Facility / Equipment / Tools Make and Model
Discrete Semiconductor Test System Tesec, 8101-TT/A
Oscilloscope Tektronix, 7854
fT Measuring Set KOKUYA, 2010C
True RMS Digital Multimeter Fluke, 289
Pulse Geneerator System Doner, 110D
DC Current Source HP 6177C
Programmable DC power supply Amtek XG 100-17
Multi frequency LCR Meter Hp/4274A
Multi frequency LCR Meter Hp/4275A
RCL Meter Fluke/PM6306

Major Products Tested / Project Done

Major Products Tested / Projects Done
Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Transformers, Diodes, Transistors, Battery, Opto-couplers, SCR etc.