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Component Testing


STQC has created a network of third party independent component test laboratories in India. These labs have state of art facilities to test typical consumer and professional-grade components to various National/International specifications. Laboratories undertake the following in component testing:


Type Testing: Laboratories undertakes type testing of Electronics Components as per standard specifications like IEC, IS, JSS, DOT, MIL, RDSO, C-DOT, etc.

Burn IN: Labs have developed special jigs and fixtures for taking up the burn of the components in large volumes.

Screening: Almost all types of components can be put in the screening sequence as per the National / International and Departmental (C DOT, DOT, RDSO, DRDL, etc) specifications.

Third-Party testing can be taken up whenever an independent test report is required for evaluation of the quality of the components.

IECQ Certification: The evaluation quality system, production process, and independent testing arrangements can be done for component manufacturers to meet IECQ requirements.

Acceptance testing: Tests pertaining to Acceptance and rejections of the lot can be performed in the Laboratories.

Environmental/Durability tests on the components can be performed as the infrastructure required is already established.

Components Tested: Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, Diodes, Bipolar Transistors, FETs, UJTs, SCRs, ICs - Linear as well as Digital, Hybrid Devices, Electromechanical, Electromagnetic, Optoelectronics, PCB and Laminates, etc.

Recognitions and Accreditation:

  • Test laboratories approved by BIS, DOT, RDSO, ISRO, DRDO, MNES, DG Mine Safety & Chief Controller Explosive and DG Shipping
  • Recognitions in comparative / proficiency testing and evaluation of consumer electronic/electrical products (for consumer associations)

Services Offered:

  • Active Component
  • Passive Component
Component Testing facilities available at following centres:
ETDC Jaipur
ERTL(North) Delhi