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High Precision Calibration

High Precision Calibration

High Precision Calibration



High Precision Calibration Centre (HPCC), at ETDC Bengaluru & ERTL (North) Delhi was established during 1992 for electro technical parameters calibration. Recently the High precision temperature standards (Fixed point cells) were also been installed at ERTL (N) Delhi. In addition some high precision facilities are also available at ERTL (W) Mumbai, ERTL(E) Kolkata and ETDC Chennai.

The STQC laboratories establish the measurement traceability to the national standard through the HPCC at ERTL(North) Delhi and ETDC Bangalore. The laboratories are equipped with complete range of most accurate and stable standards and measuring instruments traceable to national standard and are manned by qualified and well-trained personnel.

The state of the art high precision calibration facilities includes Electronic Standard Cells, Multifunction Transfer Standard, Thermal Transfer Standard, Multifunction Calibrator, AC/DC Current Shunts, LF Power Standard, RLC Standard & Bridges, Cesium and Rubidium Frequency Standard, RF Power & Attenuation Measurement System and Temperature (fixed point cells, DC bridge etc) .

Each calibration performed includes detailed calibration report containing measured values, measurement uncertainty and measurement traceability at each point of measurement.

Services Offered:

The Calibration Services cater to almost all commercially available high precision equipment viz, DC/AC Voltage and Current Calibrator, Multifunction Calibrators, 7 ½ / 8 ½ Digit DMMS, Standard Cells, Rubidium and cesium Beam Frequency Standard, LCR Standard, Power Energy Calibrators, RF Signal Generator & Power Meters, Power Sensors & Attenuators, SPRT and PRT etc.
The key areas of high precision calibration services include:

  • Voltage AC/DC Parameter
  • Time and Frequency Parameter

Recognitions and Accreditation:

The High Precision Calibration capabilities are accredited by NABL. The standards maintained are traceable to national standards. In addition self-initiated PT programs are also organized by the STQC High Precision Laboratories. The quality system implemented in the laboratory and the technical competence comply to the requirement of the international standard ISO / IEC17025.
The laboratories also participate in the Proficiency Testing (PT) programs organized by both National and International accreditation bodies and have satisfactory performance. It is an important requirement of ISO/IEC 17025 Standard, It also serves as a nodal agency/reference laboratory for organizing the PT programs for NABL.

High Precision Calibration ( Non-Electrical Parameters ) facilities available at following centres:
ERTL(North) Delhi
ETDC Bengaluru