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Bio-metric Devices Testing and Certification

The objective of Certification of Biometric Devices (BDCS) is to facilitate availability of quality assessed authentication/ enrolment Biometric Devices along with QR Code scanner device for offline authentication to user agencies. This certification scheme provides confidence that certified devices are reliable, safe, and secure and meet the UIDAI requirements.

This objective is attained by ensuring device comply with the UIDAI Aadhaar Specification.

Benefits of Certification

The main aim and objective of the scheme is to provide confidence to the user of the biometric devices that the certified devices are reliable, safe, secure and meet the requirements. At present the scheme covers fingerprint image scanners, Iris camera for enrollment and authentication devices.

This objective is attained by ensuring the biometric device suppliers are empanelled based on the following:

  • Suppliers are capable to supply Biometric Devices which meet the technical specification of UIDAI.
  • Suppliers have adequate systems and resources to support the implementation and usages of the devices by enrolment agencies which include but are not limited to training on process to enrolment agencies personnel, calibration and maintenance of devices.

In addition to subjecting biometric device to various tests, following demonstrable controls on device level, manufacturer level and supplier level will also be verified:

  • The devices are designed, manufactured and delivered to meet the technical requirements of UIDAI. Final test report and release note of the devices are available on demand.
  • The devices are manufactured at a facility having established Quality Management System (QMS).
  • Supplier has a system to provide confidence in the distribution and maintenance of devices.

Why to Choose STQC?

At present the following devices are covered under the scope:

  • Authentication Device (L0 and L1).
    • Finger Print Scanner
    • IRIS Authentication devices (Discrete and Integrated)
    • Registered Device Service
  • Enrollment Devices
    • Finger Print Scanner
    • IRIS devices
  • Pre-Certified Hardware (PCH)
  • QR Code Scanner Devices for Offline Authentication

The assurance is required for the following characteristic of the device

  • Device Portability
  • Image Quality leading to data quality
  • Durability for varied environmental and climatic conditions
  • Safety and Electro-magnetic compatibility of the devices
  • Functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Authentication accuracy management

Certification Process

Important Notices/Circular/OM


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