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Scheme for Empanelment of Cloud Audit Organization

Scheme for Empanelment of Cloud Audit Organization

About the Empanelment Scheme:

The objective of empanelment of Cloud Audit Organization is to empanel third party audit organizations/ auditors who are competent to assess CSP for compliance as per defined requirements and criteria.

The effectiveness of audit organizations is ensured by:

  • Having a formal system as per international standard ISO/IEC 17021:2011 to ensure audit results are reliable, repeatable and reproducible
  • Auditors of audit organization who are professional, competent and have Knowledge, skill and experience in the area of cloud auditing.
  • Auditors who are knowledgeable with the current technologies and standards published on this subject area and MeitY policies of empanelment of CSPs.

Benefits of Empanelment

  • Help to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Audit Organization

Why to choose STQC?

  • A team of competent Professionals qualified as per international requirements.
  • Government of India organization, able to act truly as an independent third party, with high degree and confidentiality and integrity.
  • Able to offer services in a very cost effective, competent and credible manner with customer care as the focus.

Empanelment Process

  • Cloud Audit Organization submits the application form along with schedule of charge
  • Conduct of Audit by STQC
  • Submission of Audit Report
  • Review of Audit Report and decision on empanelment

Scheme Documents: