Key Areas of Services offered to Industry

Measurement Capability

Parameter / Test Range / Accuracy / Specifications
Emission, Immunity and HarmonicsCISPR 22 & CISPR 24, IEC61000-3-2,EN 55022 & EN 55024,FCC Part 15 & 18
Conducted EmissionCISPR, EN, BS,IEC, FCC , AS,VDE,IS,TEC,MIL
Harmonics EmissionEN,BS EN,IEC,IS
Flicker EmissionIEC,EN,BS EN ,IS
Radiated Power CISPR,EN,BSEN,IS
Radiated Immunity TestIEC, EN,BSEN, IS
Burst Test /Electric fast TransientsIEC, EN,BSEN, IS
Surge ImmunityIEC, EN,BSEN, IS
Conducted (RF) Immunity Test IEC, EN,BSEN, IS
Power Freq. Magnetic Immunity Test IEC, EN,BSEN, IS
Pulsed Magnetic Immunity Test IEC, EN,BSEN, IS
Damped Pulsed Magnetic Immunity TestIEC, EN,BSEN, IS
Voltage Dip & Interruption Test IEC, EN,BSEN, IS
Damped Oscillatory & ring wave Immunity TestIEC, EN,BSEN, IS
Shielding Effectiveness Measurement of Shielded Chamber MIL –STD
Spike Test --
DC Interruption Simulation--
Automobile EM Emission CISPR,EN BSEN, IS
Antenna Calibration ANSI
Two Port Measurement --
Audio Immunity Test EN.IEC,BSEN,IS,MIL
E& H Field Emission--
ESD Calibration IEC,EN,BSEN

List of Major Facility

Facility / Equipment / Tools Make and Model
Automated Spectrum analyzer (HP8566 B)Based HP8566 B
ReceiverRohde & Schwartz, ESIB26
ReceiverRohde &Schwartz, ESVP & ESH3
ReceiverPMM Italy, PMM9000 Plus
Antenna MastETS Lindgren &EMCO
Turn Table ETS Lindgren& EMCO
Dual Channel Controller ETS Lindgren
3m&10 m Open Area Test site --
3 m Anechoic Chamber ETS Lindgren USA
CC TV CameraETS Lindgren
Current Probes R&S
Absorbing Clamp Rohde & Schwartz
T-Network Rohde & Schwartz
Antennae Bi-conical & Log Periodic EMCO
Antennae – Loop , Rod, Horn ,Adj. Dipole Antenna EMCO
Antenna -Loop R&S
Antenna – Large Loop antenna (2m Dia)ERTL
Harmonic & Flicker Test system Pacific
Immunity Test Facilities:
Ultra Compact (Combined Immunity) Test Simulator EM test
ESD Simulator EM Test
Automatic Dimmer State EM Test
Capacitor Clamp EM Test
Signal Interface Coupler Network EM Test
Single & Three Phase Coupler EM Test
Loop Antenna (1m x 1m)--
Surge Simulator Keytek
FCC Part 68 Surge simulator Keytek
Ring Wave Generator Keytek
EFT/Burst Simulator Keytek
ESD Simulator Keytek
ESD Simulator Schaffner
HF Simulator Schaffner
Interference Simulator Schaffner
Burst Simulator Schaffner
Voltage Dip & Interference Simulator Schaffner
DC Power Interruption Simulator Schaffner
Audio Power Generator Solar
Signal Generator Marconi
Signal Generator IFR International
Coupling-Decoupling Network EM test, (M3 M5)
EM Clamp EM Test
3 meter Anechoic Chamber ETS Lindgren
G-TEM Cell Based Radiated. Immunity EMCO/TDK
Amplifier 250W Prana France
Amplifier 10,150W Amplifier research
Amplifier 25 W Amplifier Research
Antenna Bi-conical, Log periodic EMCO
RF Field Probe Amplifier Research
RF Field Probe Holladay
E & H meter Holladay
Over Voltage Simulator Schaffner
Line Voltage Simulator Schaffner
G-strip Based Radiated Immunity Test System--
Current Probe EM Test
Reference Radiator ETS Lindgren
1 GHz CRO Tektronix
3 Phase Digital Power Meter HSIANG

Major Products Tested / Project Done

Major Products Tested / Projects Done
Domestic Appliances : Washing Machines, Cooler, Radiatent Heater, Mixer Grinder ,Refrigerator, Remote controller for Refrigerator, Vacuum Cleaner, Fan , weighing Machine Energy meter, Microwave oven
TV & Broadcast Systems : Colour & BW TV, Public Address System ,Amplifier , Audio System
Automobiles : CNG Operated Car, LPG Operated Car, Petrol Car, Central Locking System, Ignition plug for Engine, Blower , Speedometer
Information Technology & Telecommunication Products : Computer & peripherals, server , Photo copier, telephone ,EPBX , Multiplexe,Coba System, PCO Machine ,Telephone Exchanges, ISDN Network, Public address & Display system, Network Terminator , Access node ,Remote Terminal Unit
Lighting Equipments : Electronic Ballast , CFL, LED based Aviation Light, Fluorescent lighting for Photo Studios
Industrial, Scientific & Medical Equipment : Ventilator, Photometer, Spectrometer, Compressor, Currency & binding Machine , Sewing Machine Microprocessor based spectrometer, Relays , Proximity Switches, Timer Bar , Portable Chromatograph System, Mini spectrometer, Petrol pump ( control unit ), Flame Photo meter , Calori meter, Signal Generator , capacitance Meter, insulation Tester , Controller for air conditioning system for railway .etc
Power Electronics Equipment : UPS, SMPS, Line conditioner, Surge protector, Stablizer, Tri-vector Energy Meter, Chargers, 10 KV regulator .
Machines : CNC Grinding Machine, Printing Press, Die Cutting Machine
Antenna Calibration : Bi-Conical Antenna, Log periodic Anatenna,Dipole Antenna.
Shielding Effectiveness Measurement : EMI Shelter, Shielded Chambers/Rooms for Hospitals.