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Software & System Testing

Software & System Testing

Software and System Testing

With new global demands for Security  and Quality, the need for software product assurance is becoming more important. There are essentially two approaches that can be followed to ensure product quality, one being assurance of the process by which the product is developed, and the other being the evaluation of the quality of the end product. Both approaches are important and both require the presence of a system for managing quality

The centers offer testing for IT products and a variety of Software verification and Validation services. They are provided with well-trained manpower, state- of- the-art testing laboratories including software testing tools and office infrastructure. They act as a single point focus to provide third party validation services.

The software testing tools that enable the effective automation of the testing process available with the centers include Rational IBM Software test suite, Rational IBM AppScan and Policy Tester, Silk Performer and Server Analysis Module from Borland, WinRunner, Quick Test Professional and Load Runner from HP, Logiscope and TTCN from Telelogic besides tools from other minor vendors.

Service Offered:

Software and System Testing facilities available at following centres:
ETDC Bengaluru
IT Centre Bengaluru
ERTL(E), Kolkata