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Common Criteria Certification

The Indian Common Criteria Certification Scheme (IC3S), operated by STQC Dte, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technologyhas the recognition by Common Criteria Recognition Arrangements (CCRA), as a Certificate Authorizing Nation

The purpose of the Indian Common Criteria Certification Scheme (IC3S), is to evaluate and certify IT Security Products and Protection Profiles (PP) against the requirements of Common Criteria Standards.


Benefits of Certification

This provides users of IT Security products confidence in the security functionality provided. It also provides users with a metric to compare the security capabilities of products that they are intending to buy.

The scheme is intended to serve many communities of interest with very diverse roles and responsibilities.

  • IT product developers,
  • IT security Product vendors,
  • Value-added resellers of IT security product,
  • Systems integrators for IT security infrastructure
  • IT security researchers,
  • Acquisition/procurement authorities of IT Security product
  • Consumers of IT Security products

Why to Choose STQC?

  • Enhances trust of a CC certified IT product for use by public/ private organization.
  • A team of competent Professionals qualified as per international requirements.
  • Government of India organization able to act truly as an independent third party, with high degree of confidentiality and integrity.
  • Cost effective evaluation at an Indian laboratory in competent and credible manner.
  • Exclusive body to grant CC certification in India

Certification Process

For details on the CC Certification process, please visit our website at

Contact US

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Sh. Suresh Chandra, Head

Indian Common Criteria Certification Scheme (IC3S)

STQC Directorate
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology,
Electronics Niketan, III Floor, 6,CGO Complex,
Lodi Road,
New Delhi - 110 003

Phone: 011 - 24301382
Email: headits AT
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