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About Calibration

About Calibration

Accurate measurements play a vital role at each stage in development and production of quality product. The effectiveness of quality control steps depends directly on the accuracy and confidence with which the test & measuring instruments (TMI) can yield test results. Thus systematic and periodic checking of Test & measuring Instruments is very essential for reliable measurements. The process of periodic checking of TMI by comparison with another instrument of better accuracy is termed as Calibration.

Further for worldwide exchange of goods, products & technology and interchangeability of components & parts, it is essential that measurement represents the same quantity everywhere. This is possible only when the measurements have a common reference base, which is internationally accepted. This common reference base is the SI unit of measurement. The standard is the physical realization of the unit of measurement. The process of making sure that our measurement stem from a common reference base is termed as Traceability. Periodic calibration of TMI provides the most vital link between international standards of measurement and the day-to-day test & measurement data through the medium of National measurement standards held by the National standards laboratory.

Since it is impracticable to cater the calibration requirements of the entire TMI population by a single laboratory, the support hierarchy for establishing traceability is provided by echelons of calibration laboratories. The laboratories complying with the requirement of ISO/IEC 17025 standard are competent to produce reliable and valid results.Accreditation of laboratory ensures compliance to ISO/IEC 17025 standard and competence of laboratories.

STQC offers calibration services to industry and organizations in the following domains :

There are 4 regional laboratories, ten state level laboratories and 2 high precision calibration centre's at Delhi and Bangaluru. The STQC laboratories are equipped with the state of the art calibrating facilities. These laboratories serve as support hierarchy in establishing traceability to the National Standards through their calibration services to electronic & allied industries for electro technical and non-electrical parameters.

These calibration services are provided by STQC laboratories ERTL(North) DelhiERTL(East) KolkataERTL(South) ThiruvananthapuramERTL(West) Mumbai, ETDC BangaluruETDC ChennaiETDC HyderabadETDC PuneETDC Goa, ETDC JaipurETDC MohaliETDC Solan, ETDC Guwahati and ETDC Agartala.

All STQC laboratories have well-established quality system complying with ISO/IEC 17025 and are accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Laboratories).