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Explosive Atmosphere Compatibility Testing


Explosive Atmosphere Compatibility Test FacilityThe facility was initially set up in 1989 under the aegis of Indo-German Technical Co-operation Programme, which provided equipment and knowledge inputs. The laboratory contributed significantly to the development of Indian Standards for Mining Electronic products and is currently a member of the ET-22 Committee of the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Recognitions and Accreditation:

The ERTL (East) KOLKATA is an NABL approved laboratory and is recognized by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Director General Mines Safety (DGMS), Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organization (PESO). The laboratory has been providing test services to manufacturers and users for gas groups I, II A, II B and II C for Zones 0,1 and 2 applications.
The laboratory also has recognition agreements with DEKRA-EXAM (Germany) and UL for testing leading to ATEx and US HAZLOC certification.

Services Offered:

The facilities cover testing of a wide range of Electronic / Electrical products for use in hazardous atmospheres as per IS, EN and IEC standards. The present capability covers protection techniques flameproof, intrinsic safety, increased safety, pressurized and encapsulated.