Component Testing


Component TestingSTQC has created a network of third party independent component test laboratories in India. These labs have state of art facilities to test typical consumer and professional grade components to various national / International specifications. Laboratories undertake following in component testing:

Type Testing: Laboratories undertakes type testing of Electronics Components as per standard specifications like IEC, IS, JSS, DOT, MIL, RDSO, C-DOT etc.

Burn IN: Labs have developed special jigs and fixtures for taking up the burn of the components in large volumes.

Screening: Almost all type components of can be put in the screening sequence as per the National / International and Departmental (C DOT, DOT, RDSO, DRDL etc) specifications.

Third Party testing can be taken up whenever an independent test report is required for evaluation of the quality of the components.

IECQ Certification: The evaluation quality system, production process and independent testing arrangements can be done for component manufacturer to meet IECQ requirements.

Acceptance testing: Tests pertaining to Acceptance and rejections of lot can be performed in the Laboratories.

Environmental/Durability tests on the components can be performed as the infrastructure required is already established.

Components Tested: Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, Diodes, Bipolar Transistors, FETs, UJTs, SCRs, ICs - Linear as well as Digital, Hybrid Devices, Electromechanical, Electromagnetic, Opto electronics, PCB and Laminates etc.

Recognitions and Accreditation:

  • Test laboratories approved by BIS, DOT, RDSO, ISRO, DRDO, MNES, DG Mine Safety & Chief Controller Explosive and DG Shipping
  • Recognitions in comparative / proficiency testing and evaluation of consumer electronic/electrical products (for consumer associations)

Services Offered:

  • Active Component
  • Passive Component
Component Testing facilities available at following centres:
ERTL(East) Kolkata
ETDC Jaipur
ERTL(North) Delhi